Renting VS Owning

home buyingIf your thinking about buying your first home the question is am I doing the right thing? My answer will always be it is always the right time to buy a home unless you are looking at a less than 3 year time in the home, and even then it is a matter of looking at the entire situation and market.

If you are currently paying rent you are paying a mortgage just someone else’s, you are also improving there credit score and overall net worth. Concerns about up keep and repairs can easily be budgeted using things like a residential home service contract. Usually you can expect your monthly payments to be less than what you would pay in rent.

When you begin your search deciding what is right for you in terms of location, size, and new or existing home, what you can afford to pay monthly on a home are some important things to consider.

We have brand new homes available in Lubbock, TX starting under $95,000 for a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath/ 2 car garage brick home, that would make a payment of  approx $800 a month with today’s unbelievably low interest rates.

Discussing all of your options when buying a home, and guiding you through the entire process is what we do, send in your comments or questions, we would love to help you explore your options.

Visit our website to start your search:

Wendy Jones (806) 928-9463                                              Amber Cosby (806) 535-2612                                                    


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